Be Well or Die Trying


Loads of people I have come in contact with have seasonal sicknesses or as my family calls it “the crud”. Some have the flu, colds, aches and pains not to mention the holiday blues. There is a flu epidemic places across the country I read today. My friends take care of yourselves, life is too short to be sick. Ring in the new year safe and well. 


Flu Shots, I Am Getting Mine Today, You Should Think About It Too


If you haven’t gotten a flu shot, do so. I am getting one today. Most health insurance policies cover it and if not then there affordable options at your doctors office and pharmacies. Locally in Chattanooga the Hamilton County Health department is giving them away free.

There have been stories of folks dying of a particular strain of the virus. Better safe than sorry.

It’s No Fun Being Sick, Stay Well Friends


There are a lot of people who are sick around the country. Everything from the flu, viruses, colds and the like are keeping people out of commission. Taking precautions and treating your illnesses can keep you active. Washing hands, keeping your home clean, getting plenty of sleep and even vitamins can help you keep the germs at bay. Even when you get sick getting rest and keeping hydrated can help you get over it faster. God bless each person who is under the weather. I hope you all get better soon.

I am not sick, however I want to encourage everyone to try to keep healthy. Life is more fun that way.