Farewell Glee’s Finn Hudson

Tonight Glee says farewell to Finn Hudson who was played by the late Cory Monteith. He passed away in Canada from an overdose. He was a talented young man who brought joy to millions of Gleeks. Tonights episode will be sad, bittersweet and hard for many of his fans. Rest in peace Cory/Finn.


I cannot say I am the biggest fan of Glee but it shined in the early episodes with the original cast. Their cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” remains a favorite rendition of that song. I enjoyed the spirit of those performances and the genesis of New Directions show choir.

The news of Cory Monteith’s passing was very surprising, very shocking, very sad. For anyone to die at 31 is way too young. He had a brilliant future ahead of him. Some quotes from his fellow co-star he was the glue of the whole operation. From what I understand he was a nice, helpful co-star something every production needs.

Monteith’s character, Finn Hudson was a broken young man who grew up a only child. He was a jock who made the transition to glee club member and lived to tell the tale. His relationship with Lea Michele’s character Rachel Berry is a story of two people with different life experiences finding love in a surprising way. Now the show has to find a way forward. What will happen? We will find out in the Fall season.

The music that cast made is something that will last forever in the annals of TV. Cory Monteith, a son of Canada will be missed by his family, friends and fans all over the world. Rest in peace, God bless.