The Feels


Feeling something unexpected at a unexpected time is strange. Today there was no concealing and very much feeling. When it comes to someone you love it stings in a profound way. Vocalizing your thoughts can help your whole being be aware of something that you need to deal with. I can only imagine what the future holds.




I can be insensitive at times, its true. The thing about being human is you make mistakes and it ends up hurting the feelings of another person. People are flawed no matter how strong they seem together on the outside. I know I have been insensitive in my relationships and for that I always seek forgiveness.

When My Heart Is Heavy


It seems there is a sadness going around. People I know have situations where they feel a heavy heart, a burdened soul. There are those who are sick, hurting and hurting.

When my heart is heavy I turn to my faith, my wife, my family and my friends. Laura my wife, does a great job of giving perspective. I hope I do the same for her.

Blogging is also a way for me to make sense of things. Getting my feelings out can make a difference. Every one of us can be there for someone. God gives me comfort and can calm me in the storm. No matter the occasion we all have to be there for one another, it is what community does. 

Can A Guy Be Too Girly, And Still Be Straight


As most of you know, most of my friends are women. I enjoy the company of some awesome people who happen to be women. They are caring, considerate, honest, warm, intelligent and perceptive individuals.

The feminine influence is strong with me. However this poses a question I have, can a man be too girly and still be straight? Of course the issue of gender and sexuality are significant to this discussion but I choose not to go there in this post.

When a guy has an appreciation of traditionally feminine things such as chick flicks, clothing, cooking, decorating and the like, does that mean he has abandoned all the traditional dude stuff? Can you have the best of both worlds? (sorry Hannah Montana).

Its been suggested to me by my wife to check out more manly blogs, interests and other male-centric things. Yes its important to embrace my masculinity, but does it have to be always have to be about how to be rough and tumble I should be.

I guess the reason I enjoy the company of women is that I can be myself easier with women than with my men friends. Their interests are closer to mine. Sometime conversations can be deeper and more interesting with a gal pal. Personally I am not a macho dude and I don’t pretend to be.

Women have a very important role in the world. They lead major corporations and cities, teach in the classroom, fight in combat missions, fly planes, preach from pulpits and of course raise children sometimes without a partner.

I celebrate my female friends and enjoy their company. But as a man at times I have some issues in relating fully to their experiences. We react differently to physical and emotional events. Stress effects us in unique ways. I hope I can empathize and sympathize the best I can with women. Perhaps its a heart felt thing. Women need to be honored and revered but also affirmed as human beings in which we share faults and weaknesses.

To all my friends, male and female, know I love and appreciate you all. God bless us, everyone.

The Need For Touch


Physical touch, for many is a great way to show love and care. Our bodies are wired for it. Something about the touch of a mother and father that soothes a baby. We feel secure in the touch of a lover or a friend. Touch can be sensual and part of the sexual experience.

In the book “The Five Love Languages” it talks about how touch can be a language that can bring great joy to some. Being touched can make some feel at ease. Its a great way to initiate intimacy. Physical contact is an acknowledgement that your spouse or partner is aware of your presence.

Some folks who feel alone in the world could use a hug. Others would enjoy a high-five. Its amazing how the physical touch can move people and make them feel better about themselves. However some folks aren’t keen on the touchy feely stuff so we have to be sensitive to that.

I am a hugger. People I have known for years I choose to hug but I admit they aren’t so sure about that. You have to be aware of personal boundaries though and it should be appropriate. But with that said touch can be a great experience if done right.



Have you ever wanted to know if you have hurt someones feelings? Perhaps its about conflict or avoiding conflict. When you are friends with someone and they don’t seem to respond to any communication with you and you aren’t sure if you did something wrong doesn’t it just makes you wonder a little bit. If there are any persons out there who I hurt their feelings I want to say I am sorry and lets explore reconciliation.


There are a lot of people in the world who are so lonely and feel so alienated. No one should be alone in life. Some prefer isolation but there are many who would love for someone to reach out to them. Life is meant to be lived in community.