I Have A Complaint


I don’t like to complain a lot but when I do it should be for something that matters. When you go to a restaurant, especially a drive-thru you take the chance of getting your order wrong or incomplete. Tonight my wife had that experience at a KFC/Long John Silvers where she ordered fish, chicken, shrimp and sides for dinner. Well my wife and I didn’t get our sides (well I got potatoes but that is it). Money doesn’t grow on trees and you wanna have your order right. All we want is to have a good meal at a fair price and it should be complete. I know fast food workers don’t make a lot and they are under pressure but taking a minute to be sure a customers order is what they ordered isn’t asking too much, is it?


Taco Bell For Breakfast, Yes Please – We made a run for the border this morning before Church and went to sample some of their offerings…we had a good experience. We ordered and split the A.M. Crunchwrap, A.M. Griller and the infamous Waffle Taco. They were all tasty and filling. Frankly they were better than expected.

We were hoping for the Cinnabon Delights but they didn’t have any this morning.

Chattanooga is a test market for their breakfast offerings and its success here will determine if it goes nationwide. We will give it another go soon…to get the Cinnabon Delights and more.


Taco Bell is skipping XL and going right to XXL when it comes to their new chalupa. It’s twice the size of a regular chalupa and packs 650 calories, 39g of fat, 9g saturated fat, 55mg cholesterol, 1300mg sodium, 53g carbs, 7g dietary fiber, 6g sugars and 23g protein. (via Taco Bell Unveils XXL Chalupa)

There is something wrong about this sort of thing. Its too big and too much. I guess someone will like it.

Rediscovering Wendy’s – Good Stuff


We have rediscovered a once popular restaurant that serves square burger patties on a round bun. Wendy’s has been on the scene for decades when Dave Thomas founded the chain and named it after his adopted daughter Wendy. Their 99 cent menu is fantastic. There is lots of variety and great value. Example tonight I brought home a chicken sandwich, baked potato and frosty for Laura and I had two chicken wraps, fries and a frosty and brought it home for under $10. We went there after church this past Sunday and it was great too. This franchise is rediscovering itself in the marketplace with a souped up version of their classic burgers called Dave’s Hot and Juicy with premium toppings and thicker patties. All good stuff.