Perspective on People on The Big And Small Screen


At the end of the day much of what we see on a big or small screen is works of fiction. We get emotionally charged about what we want to happen on those screens and thats all good.

Fandoms are great and can bring people together but they can also be very divisive. But when people are involved and things get out of hand then there should be a pause for a reality check.

Actors are human beings and they are just making a living doing something they love. Behind the scenes people are just doing the same things.

In the grand scheme of things what happens on NCIS, Dowtnon Abbey, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Walking Dead and the like really doesn’t matter in light of real stuff happening in our communities and around the world.


A Fandom Call To Action


If people in fandoms would donate their time to local organizations that need help they could be real superheroes. Just think of all the good you could do. It would be a Supernatural way to heal the world like The Doctor and its no Sherlock mystery that it would change the Community and the world. Think of it as Cosplay for a cause. People of the world would sing with Glee your praises.