To All The Fanboys and Fangirls


To all the fangirls and fanboys who have shown their hearts today, I salute you. This has been a day to be proud of supporting “Doctor Who”. It’s been a day to embrace being ourselves. No matter if you did cosplay, threw a party for the event, went to the theatre you rock. We are Whovians who have shown the world its OK to be different. Friends never be afraid to be the good person who is imperfect, just like The Doctor. 

Allons-y, Geronimo! 


We should be all Fans of America’s first responders


Ten years ago in New York City, Shanksville, PA and Washington, DC this country was attacked by terrorists who hijacked airplanes to do serious damage to valuable government and business targets. Their goal was simple to kill as many people as possible and to cause mass instability. Thousands of people were in the air, going to work and taking care of their families when they found themselves the unwilling victims of people they didn’t know. First responders in NYC, DC and Shanksville were on the scene to control the chaos, save lives and fight fires. These men and women went into danger while others were trying to escape it. Many of these brave souls gave their lives bravely to serve their community and nation during this tragedy. We cannot forget their sacrifice and duty. Fire, Police, Rescue and other personnel answered the call. Many climbed through wreckage, the destruction, the inferno to risk their lives for their fellow brothers and sisters. Paramedics, EMT’s and other medical personnel treated the injured on the scene. These are the real super heroes the real patriots, the real people we should be fans of. I know I am. God bless them who survived their duty, God bless those who were lost and God bless their families. God bless America.


Watching the movie “Fanboys” tonight. A movie about a group of four guys who are huge Star Wars fanboys going from Ohio to California to steal a copy of “Star Wars: Episode 1” back in 1999. Its a funny movie with people who remind me of me.