Faithful Muslims


I went to a United Methodist college with some great people who just happen to be Muslims. They were friendly and full of life. I will never forget what I learned about them and their colourful culture.

Lately Muslims have gotten a bad reputation because their more extremist and fundamentalist brothers and sisters have done some very evil things. The people I went to college with were graceful and kind.

What you see happening in Iraq is a result of religion gone amok. This group called ISIS does not represent the grass roots Muslims you see who want to live in peace, raise their kids and perhaps want to fulfil their dreams just like an American family would.

I call on people of all faiths to denounce a radical belief system that seeks to do more harm than good. God is good, believe it or not. Don’t let your hearts be hardened to those who live their faith in good will with their communities.

What you see between Israel and Palestine is a tragedy too. Both sides of this conflict are children of God and believe me friends war is not holy. There is a better way.

Peace to all those of faith who are doing their best to make it in the world. God bless us all.