Facing Your Giants, It Takes An Advocate or Team


Everyone has something they are facing that seems unsurmountable. There are giants all around that want to defeat us, hold us back, prevent us from having a good life. This morning in Church I heard my pastor talk about how God is bigger than any giant. Sometimes its the giant mocking
but you know God is on our side.

No matter your faith this is a universal message of how things can get the best of us. We all need an advocate to stand up for us. My advocate is God but it could be friends and community for others. No one person can face their giants entirely alone. This is where having a team is important. No one is meant to be mired in the muck that life sometimes throws at us.

I hope whatever you are facing, whether it be illness, job losses, depression, self esteem, fear, etc. you will defeat it with the help of a higher power or your personal support system. It’s important to know that giants are beatable. David vs. Goliath among other stories of overcoming the odds comes to mind.

I hope you have peace today.