Xmas is not a bad thing, its an abbreviation and not taking the Christ out of Christmas like so many folks are mistaken in saying. Thanks to the Episcopal Meme’s page on Facebook for this. 


Which Christian denomination do you belong to?


Which Christian denomination do you belong to?

My Result: Episcopalian(93%)

As an episcopalian, you support the espicopal system and the associated church hierarchy. You believe that positions such as those of Priest and Bishop are necessary within a church, and help keep the flock on a righteous path. Despite being a Protestant denomination, in many ways your views are likely to be more in line with those of the Papacy than any of the Lutheran or reformed churches. The best known espicopal church is the Church of England, or the Anglican Church. It sees itself as being “via media”, or inbetween Protestanism and Catholicism. Episcoplians are widely spread throughout the world, but of course the episcopal heartland remains in England.

Additional Results:

Episcopalian (93%)

Lutheran (72%)

Catholic (68%)

Methodist (38%)

Puritan (35%)

Calvinist (32%)

Restorationist (27%)

Baptist (20%)

Pentecostal (9%)

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I would have no problem belonging to The Episcopal Church, great folks there. They understand the gospel in a inclusive way, also they are Anglican in nature. These results are cool with me. 

Which Christian denomination do you belong to?