In Threes


It seems that celebrity deaths come in threes. First it was Shirley Temple Black and Sid Caesar, then today it was Ralph Waite. Entertainers come into our lives to make them brighter and to add some levity in the rough world we live in and when they pass its sad and like a part of us has gone with them. We will remember these three for their great works. Rest in peace Mrs. Black, Mr. Caesar and Mr. Waite. You have earned a final applause and curtain call.


Remembering and Honoring Legends


Always honor the people who blazed a trail for you to enjoy the life you have today. The last couple of days some older people who are well known have passed away who made a impact on the world. It’s been nice that they have received the recognition for their life’s work.

It saddens me to see legends in any field pass on, it’s a part of life, I know. When they do leave us its important the younger generation know who they are and what they did to inspire people of today who are following in their footsteps.

For every Jimmy Fallon there was a Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. For every Maroon 5 there was The Beatles. For every Eddie Murphy there was a Richard Pryor.

Remember those generations before. Let their work never be forgotten.

People are Priorities


If in this country entertainers, athletes, businessmen and the like can get paid millions of dollars certainly we can house, feed and clothe the poor. When sports teams get new stadiums every 20 years or so it seems maybe we can build permanent shelter for the extreme poor in this country. I think our national and sometimes personal priorities are out of wack. The suffering of people should be more important than what happens on a TV show next. Yes I get wrapped up in fiction but the reality of our world is that there are many in all parts of the world going without the basics of life. Sorry but not sorry to be on a soap box today.