Happy St. George’s Day To My English Friends!

St George’s Day in England remembers St George, England’s patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England’s national day.




The one thing about having a global blogging platform such as Tumblr is that there are people in other parts of the world where its now the next day. For example in Australia its now Monday morning. It should inform you that people come from other places so the way they live their lives and the way they think are different than yours…but there are similarities too. I am glad to have met people through blogging from all around the world. Their friendship and perspective have helped me open my mind a little more.


The People’s Princess Died 15 Years Ago – Diana, Princess of Wales was a great lady and mother. She passed away on this day in a tragic car crash in Paris along with her companion Dodi Al-Fayed. She did much for England and the world through charitable works. She taught people around the world to care and to love. Her royalty was used to make positive change. Diana you are remembered. 


New Years Day in Sydney, Australia and London, United Kingdom. Time marches on. God bless 2012.