Happy Labor Day 2013 – This is a day set aside to honor those who work to make America the country it is. Everyone who labors to support their family and communities are recognized in a special way today. I also want to give a shout out to those who want to get back into the workforce but struggle to do so.

Thoughts From Yesterday’s Work Smart, Live Well Class


Wednesday was day two of the Work Smart, Live Well class at First Things First in Chattanooga. It was a great morning and afternoon of learning about finding that work that will give me purpose. 

In the class yesterday we discussed having a plan for looking for work. You have to know how to describe yourself in a way that highlights your capabilities and skills. Communicating to a perspective employer who you are is something you cannot do on the fly, you have to be prepared to share it on demand. Being descriptive using words like passionate, self motivated, team player can go a long way in advancing your cause.

You need to be forward thinking. In interviewing for the position you are applying for share your desire to stay with a company for the long haul. This means looking to develop your skills and seek advancement opportunities can solidify your position.

People skills are as important as technical proficiency. Being able to work well with others can give you an edge. When looking for work you have to network and see what’s out there. Standing out in a crowded work search environment is key to getting hired. Getting out and making contacts and planting seeds of thought into the minds of people who could help you find the work you want to do is important. You can even create an interview situation for yourself by meeting people with influence. Always be aware that someone you meet in public could be a person you might interview with one day. 

Having a plan and sticking to it can get you the results you want.


Work Smart, Live Well – I spent the morning at Chattanooga’s First Things First taking a great course on how to get the career I want. There are a lot of things involved with preparing yourself to go out into the world of work. Its more than filling out resumes and going on interviews although you need to do that too. Learning about who you are as a person and finding out what you want to do is a big part of it. As human beings we are made to succeed. This is the first day of classes and there is more to learn. I will be blogging about the things I have learned so I can share this information with you.

Job Search Update


I have been a little more active this week on the job search front. Today I sent my resume to some local firms and spent time on the job websites looking at positions available. My goal is to have something before January. I wouldn’t mind going back to work before Christmas. With all the holiday stuff coming up I wanted to make my search a priority. I haven’t felt well recently so that has impeded my activity there too. I am ready to go back to work but I want to go back for the long term too.

Thinking Out Loud…About Work


I have been laid off for the second time this year. Being in this situation is not fun to but it can give one a chance to get it right when it comes to a job.

There is no such thing as a perfect job or workplace. No one will have everything they want in a place of work. However when you find a place that affirms your talents and abilities it can be a great thing. Being in a workplace that fits your personality is important too. Working with people you get along with is great because you see these folks more than your own family. Being a team player is good and helps you have a sense of worth and value.

Finding this “perfect” working environment will be tough but its possible I think. I want to get it right next time. Being happy is a big issue because you want to look forward to work. This is what I am thinking about early on in my search.



After several months of being unemployed, I got a job! I will be working for a car dealership in customer relations doing sales followup. Its been a long time coming and I am happy to be getting back into the workforce. I thank God, my wife, family and friends for their support during this time. 

I Have A Job Interview Today


Its the day after Labor Day and I have a Job Interview at 2:45 today. I have had several conversations with prospective employers but haven’t landed a job yet. There have been a couple of jobs I would have really made a great worker for them. After all this it can get discouraging but I can’t let it. Confidence and persistence is key. God is good and He will take care of us. Pray like it depends on Him but work like it depends on me. Thanks for all the support during my unemployment.