Can You Take This Call?


In my line work I talk to people of all ages and all walks of life. Our world is more connected with technology than ever before. A good majority of us have wireless phones that do amazing things. They have apps that can help us manage our lives….one thing these phones can do that many have seemed to forget is to talk on them.


It is important for users of a certain age to be trained in how to have conversations that do not involve texting. Users of a certain age still use their phones to have a voice conversation and will leave voice mail. Using these traditional tools of communication is vital sometimes because you can’t convey emotion in the same way by text based chat. It’s important for people of all generations to take a call in all forms.


A Grown Up Email Address


When you get out of high school or college be sure to change your email address to something more grown up. You will need an address to job search as well as perform other functions across the web. Instant messaging, texting and Facebook messaging have become more popular forms of communication but email is still very important. A mature address can set a good tone for you across the board. Just a little note to everyone out there, including myself.