My Take on Last Night’s NCIS


NCIS had a solid episode that was timely and relevant. With talk about the NSA lately they had a platform to introduce their new character Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop played by Emily Wickersham. Bishop is a quirky character who hails from Oklahoma. She is smart and can survive the tough job of being a new agent.  Tony and McGee didn’t know what to think about her. She endeared herself to Gibbs and Abby which can be challenging at times. Her work ethic is fierce and unorthodox. I like her, she is different, she is fresh. She will do. For fans of the show, no matter who is in the cast this provides new avenues for storytelling and helps the show go in a different direction. 

Now for those fellow NCIS fans who are devoted to Ziva (Cote dePablo). I respect you, your cause to bring her back is noble. You are fully entitled to your opinion on the matter of her departure. Most of us on Tumblr live in free countries where freedom of expression is OK. Your opinions are valid and should never be dismissed by anyone. One of my favorite bloggers is probalicious who is a devoted fan of Cote and the show. I appreciate what she has to say on a lot of things. Ziva is a great character and we have her in past episodes. 

Long live NCIS, its a great show with some new and exciting opportunities. 

(Photo Courtesy of CBS/Yahoo TV)