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I love me some Sherlock and Joan.


Elementary Season Finale…Amazing!


The season finale to Elementary was brilliant, amazing, awesome. The double life twist blew me away. Natalie Dormer was quite good as Irene Adler and the surprise to us all Moriarity. Joan Watson is as tough and smart as she looks. Johnny Lee Miller is just amazing as Sherlock Holmes and showed amazing range and talent in the episode. Last night’s episode was the best season finale I have seen in quite some time. Can’t wait til next season to see what happens. 


May 9, 2013 – CBS drama series ELEMENTARY, the #1 new network television series and global hit starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, will film its second season premiere episode in London, with production starting in July. This will mark the first time the series has shot on location outside of New York. (via CBS Press Express | “ELEMENTARY” CROSSES THE POND TO FILM THE SECOND SEASON PREMIERE EPISODE ON LOCATION IN LONDON)

“Elementary” Is My Favorite Holmes


I have come to the conclusion I like Jonny Lee Miller better as Sherlock Holmes more than I do Benedict Cumberbatch. This might shock a lot of people out there but I just think Miller has a great grasp on a modern interpretation of the character. Lucy Liu as Watson is quite good too and has proven worthy of the role. Martin Freeman is good in Sherlock but I think Liu is more dimensional.

Overall, Elementary has shown its a great show and is finding its stride. Sherlock has the problem of only giving us a handful of episodes without a reliable program schedule.  I understand the BBC works a little differently than CBS but the commitment of the cast of Elementary is going to take it far.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Sherlock. It is intriguing and fun. However I just think Elementary has a better future for it.