A New Look, Again!


I have made a change to my blogs look and appearance. My previous look didn’t have a traditional sidebar which I missed and now it functions like a traditional blog. The blog is using Pixel Union’s “Effector” theme that is highly customizable.

There is a black and blue color scheme that is easy on the eyes. It’s more social with posts from Twitter and Instagram available. Some of my favorite posts are featured too.

Check it out and see what you think. Feedback welcome, drop me a line.


Further Blog Changes, A Work In Progress


I have been doing some renovations to my blog to make it more modern and to polish it up. Every blogger should look at their fixed content like pages to see if the information is still relevant and current. 

  • Updated sidebar about info.
  • Updated “About Me” page.
  • Edited “Mission Statement” page.
  • Put “Posts I Like” at the bottom of the page.
  • Reduced number of posts seen at one time to six.

There are still a few things to do and as they say its a work in progress. I hope you take a look at tonyburgess1969 when you have a chance to see what I have done.

Thanks for following me and for your friendship. Keep on blogging!

I Tweaked My Blog, What Do You Think?


No, that isn’t something dirty or anything like that…get your mind out of the gutter. 

I made some changes to my blog to give it a fresh, lighter and modern look. 

Changes Include

  • New fonts
  • Slightly gray background
  • Justified paragraphs
  • Rounded corners at the bottom of each post
  • Edited Profile

After looking at some other blogs, my original look was a black background with inverted text coloring. This new look I hope is cleaner, fresher and easier to read. Your opinion is wanted, what do you think?