Return To Class

When I was a kid I started school after Labor Day. These days some kids start back before August. Classes are starting back earlier and earlier these days. The challenges our teachers and students face are tougher and they have to be smarter. Our world has changed and the lessons they need to learn are important to their success.

Every student, every teacher, every parent has a lot riding on our schools and they need our support. New teachers are coming in as old teachers are retiring and the standards that need to be met are higher. Elementary, middle and high schools along with colleges need to be safe and secure places of learning too. As school starts back lets keep everyone involved in our thoughts and prayers. They need it now, more than ever.


My Take On “The Great Debate” Last Night.


I didn’t watch the debate regarding creation vs. evolution. In my mind there is room for religion and science to coexist. Many great people of faith have been inventors and scientists. Science has its place in the world too. What happened in this debate was something that saddened me a little.

I went to a Christian college that taught the sciences straight forward without any sort of theological slant and religion courses from a perspective of informing students of the importance of the faith. I was taught to think for myself and form my own opinion.

My formative years were spent going to church to learn about my faith and going to school to learn about the lessons math, science, literature, history and the like. We are better people if we are well rounded that way, at least I think so.

Right now people are unemployed, homeless, hopeless and on the brink. As a human family perhaps we should come together to resolve the serious issues of the day. My faith informs me to love people and to share with them the love of my creator.

University, College


Tumblr is a international blogging platform and there are differences in language. It’s interesting that in the United States we say college when you go to College. Folks from other places say uni or university when they go to College. I like the term uni or university. Hearing something different like that reminds us that we don’t live in a vacuum. Colloquialisms can be interesting. 


Schoolhouse Rock: America – I’m Just a Bill Music Video (by DisneyEducation)

For those of us who grew up in the 70’s “Schoolhouse Rock” was a collection of animated educational short videos that were seen on Saturday morning TV. These shorts gave lessons on math, language, government, history and more. 

“I’m Just A Bill” seems appropriate for the day we live in. 

A Note To The Students Out There


To everyone who is still in school or have gone back after awhile I hope you are finishing the term strong. I hope you will do your very best and will have much success. Keep focused and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Get some rest when you can, that’s important. Be sure to eat and stay hydrated too. I have been where you are right now. There is always anxiety about exams and being sure you have everything together for your projects that you have been assigned. Some folks will be ending their educational journey soon which will be the start of a whole new journey in their lives. Good luck and God bless!