Trying A New Place


Trying a new restaurant is always an adventure. It allows you to get out of your culinary comfort zone. Our adventure to Over There a eatery in north Chattanooga was a good one. I had the hamburger steak, fries and salad, my wife had fried catfish with fries and salad. They were well cooked and had tasted delicious. We dined with my mother-in-law that had grilled salmon and brother-in-law who had shrimp.

Trying anything new can help break the monotony of life. Going to a new restaurant can help it get better and support their efforts to pursue their dream. New places are usually more experimental to see what the local tastes are. Enjoy the adventure every now and then, its good to have a taste for it.


Pot Luck At Home


Tonight we have two casseroles we are going to enjoy for dinner. It will be a mini version of a church pot luck. On the menu tonight is the Buffalo chicken casserole and broccoli casserole which from my mom’s recipe. The great thing about it is that all we have to do is heat it up in the oven. There is something to cooking once and eating twice or more.


Pumpkin Everywhere – As fall goes along we have seen pumpkin everything pop up. Its taking form in everything from coffee to donuts to main courses. At Halloween its an iconic representation of the holiday.

I admit I like the taste of pumpkin. Its a vegetable that is a platform for all sorts of goodness. You can flavor it up with spices and seasonings. We make pumpkin bread here and its really good stuff. We bought some pumpkin spice creamer at the store today for our coffee.

So as the nursery rhyme says…peter, peter pumpkin eater. eat and drink up!


Taco Bell is skipping XL and going right to XXL when it comes to their new chalupa. It’s twice the size of a regular chalupa and packs 650 calories, 39g of fat, 9g saturated fat, 55mg cholesterol, 1300mg sodium, 53g carbs, 7g dietary fiber, 6g sugars and 23g protein. (via Taco Bell Unveils XXL Chalupa)

There is something wrong about this sort of thing. Its too big and too much. I guess someone will like it.