Amazing New Memories


The best way to forget about the past is to forge new memories that are awesome and unforgettable. Sometimes the past can bring one pain but perhaps the new stuff you get to do is even better. It’s like you have a video tape in your mind that you are recording over some bad TV or a movie you just wanna forget. Make amazing new memories that will overpower the old stuff you would soon forget.




Last night I had some spicy Chinese food and I watched two shows with a heavy sci-fi/fantasy theme to them. As a result of that combo I had some really weird dreams. Not to mention I got a little acid reflux in the process. The things going on in my head overnight were really vivid and just plain strange. I hope to have less crazy in my dreams tonight. 

In The Right Spot


Sometimes there are situations in life that seem dire and makes you wonder why me. Many people are in a predicament that actually provides them with a life opportunity. Some people will question their situation and curse it but in reality its setting them up for some good things. Life can seem rough and you feel alone and persecuted but your abilities can help save you from the reality you find yourself in. With time and patience you could realize you are about to have the position of your dreams. Sometimes it requires some hope and faith. You just have to find yourself in the right spot although it doesn’t seem like it at the time. 


I don’t sleep well at night anymore. But I can sure dream. I am a person of vision and hope. My wish for my family, friends, church and community is to be the best they can be.