Unicorn, its just so fluffy! – Agnes from Despicable Me


Be Young, Do Good


To my younger folks. When you are 19-26 it’s a time to begin your lives and enjoy the journey. Go to college or trade school, get a job and do something with your life that means something. Do good things that can change the world for the better. Be a dreamer then a doer. Resist hating people, be moderate in your politics. The most important thing you can do is love one another and wage peace. Share positive things. Lets have a brighter future than our present. Know that God loves you.

I Am A Dreamer


I have been taking a spiritual gifts course at church and I found out I am a dreamer. A person who has vision, a lot of ideas and loves the big picture. I am expressive and creative so I want to share that with the world. We are about doing big things.

However dreamers can be disappointed if what they have dreamed doesn’t come true.

People have different personality types and are gifted in different ways. It takes teamwork to make things happen in life.

More to come on this.