Character Assassination, Part 2


I hate when TV writers think its best for storytelling when they have to lay waste to the “permanent” cast members of a TV show. Russell T. Davies pretty much torched Torchwood. Then tonight the writers and producers of “Revolution” got rid of two beloved characters in the season finale and this seasons premiere. We invest our hearts and minds in these people and when they go its not cool. TV characters are like family and such so its just frustrating. Rory and Amy Pond of Doctor Who are like that too. This is not the first time I have written on this subject but it seems relevant tonight. 


When TV Shows Are Stuck In A Storyline Ditch


Some TV shows go on and on in a storyline without moving it forward. Its like they are keeping us mired down as a audience, knowing that we aren’t going anywhere. Some shows need to keep things moving because the attention span and patience of some audiences is very small. People’s time is precious and its good to honor that when a writer puts words into flesh.

We need to know that there will be a endgame in a story and before introducing us to something new, resolve what you have begun in a orderly fashion. So many plot lines go on too long. Keeping your audience sometimes keeping things simple but not too easy as to insult our intelligence.Keep it short so that we are gripped to our seats. Make it good too.

I would love Revenge, Once Upon A Time and perhaps to a small extent Downton Abbey to learn from this.

Perhaps our TV seasons run too long these days. I would be in favor of shorter seasons like they do in the UK. Give your audience a break every now and then, leave them wanting more. Just a thought. What do you think?