A Choice


There are many things in life that make you shake your head. We are living in a world full of chaos and turmoil. Our lives are scheduled to the minute and our priorities are not what they once were. People work harder, longer for less. The reality of it all is a nightmare. Friends we once were tight with are now strangers. We seem to be full of suspicion and short on love. We don’t need TV to see drama because its being played out for real in our lives.

There is hope though. We can choose be the change we want to see. Instead of fussing and fighting we can have friendships. We can slow our lives down and make people a priority. Spending less so we don’t have to work longer and harder. Keeping our friendships sacred instead of disposable. Trusting people more and showing our hearts for them. Avoiding the drama of life and learning to laugh.


Keeping Focus In The Drama


Work is an important part of our lives. It gives us purpose, identity and a livelihood. Sometimes our lives can get chaotic and that impacts our ability to do our work to the best of our abilities. People can let others get the best of them so that it becomes a major distraction. I have seen people I have worked with who have been impacted by having to deal with other peoples problems.

It’s difficult to keep your head above water when you have a cinder block of drama chained to ones ankle. I am hoping to keep my focus and priorities straight as it comes to my new job. Going back to where I was before isn’t an option for me. It makes me wonder about others who let people get in the way of being a success. Just a puzzlement.

Peace, Joy and Grace


I think we all need more peace, joy and grace in our lives. Recognizing many are suffering so its hard to feel any peace, have any joy or experience grace in ones life. The chaos we are exposed to daily makes it hard to be positive when negative events surround us. Many want to hide from reality but its not the way to go though.

All we can do is keep our heads up and hope things will get better. Don’t let the drama of external things keep you from taking care of the important things internally. Work for peace in your lives, have some joy that can keep you going and experience the grace of forgiveness and mercy from a higher power or from others in your life.


A Major Weekend In The World of Sci-Fi – Doctor Who and Catching Fire

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary is Saturday and the US premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is Friday. We should see the fandoms and the cosplay community having a glorious time. Its good to be a geek this weekend. What amazing times we live in to enjoy amazing storytelling. 

Asking For Help


There are times in life when you have to admit you need some help. Life throws all sorts of stuff at you and coping isn’t easy. People get mired down in despair and drama, so much so they can’t find their way out. It’s my opinion we aren’t built to live in chaos, although it seems to be that it wants us. Asking others to give you a hand is not a bad thing, admitting that you can’t do it all is being strong.

Everyone needs affirmation in life and they need to know they are fundamentally good. Having a safari guide into the wilderness that is our heart and souls can help us find our way in in the world. Relationships with spouses, partners, family and friends seem to be more complex these days. Finding ways of simplifying our connections with others will help increase the peace. I always say let go of selfishness and ego and your life will improve. However don’t let others take advantage of your good nature.

Support from family, friends and even professionals can get you going on the right path. I am blessed to have all of these components in my life. Of course I want to be there for others too. My life has been blessed by those who have helped me and its up to me to pay it forward.

Friends if you can’t see your way out of situations by what you are doing now reach out for help. There are organizations ready to lend you a hand. Don’t live in chaos, drama and the like. Be free for joyful participation in community. Love and peace to you all.