The Andy Griffith Show, Timeless!


This show remains one of the best comedies in TV history. Andy Griffith, Ronnie Howard (yes that Ron Howard), Don Knotts and Frances Bavier told some great stories that showed that small town life was full of kindness, intelligence, simplicity and decency. Andy was a small town sheriff who was a single dad living with his aunt. That is a pretty progressive situation for the 1960’s. He was a kind man who made everyone in his life feel important.

The show has a popularity that has spanned generations. I would like to think that the Mayberry influence still resonates with people who want to slow life down a little bit, go to the fishing hole and perhaps spend more time with those we love.


Chain Letters, Everything Old Is New Again


I am watching an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” and Deputy Barney Fife is having a dilemma over a chain letter. People are giving him grief over sending it so it won’t be bad luck. Chain letters still exist in a new form known as spam email. It’s a reminder that old school evolves into new school all the time. I for one have never responded to a spam letter or a chain letter for that matter. Superstitions can get the best of us when it comes to chain letters and spam. However we can be smart about it.