Sleeping In, Challenged by Kids and Dogs


When you have a kid or a dog its hard to sleep in. Their schedule is your schedule. It’s all good though. You love them and want them to be happy. A kid will wanna get up and play, same with the dog. Kids also enjoy watching TV and eating. Cats however, seem to be a little more independent.

We don’t have kids but we do have a 85lb dog who when the sun comes up starts looking over the neighborhood to see his dominion. He will bark at other dogs in the hood and strange things we don’t see but he does.

So as you see sleeping in on a Saturday or any other day for that matter is hard.


Website takes ‘Bad dog!’ to a whole new level |


A cool article from The Chattanooga Times Free Press featuring the viral website called Dog Shaming. This site features dogs who have not behaved well according to their pet parents. Its proof that Tumblr is continuing to be a force in the blogging community. 

Website takes ‘Bad dog!’ to a whole new level |

Words our Dog Knows


Here is a list of words we think our dog Cody knows. You could say any word but the tone of voice can get him to take notice. 

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Food
  • Puppy
  • Dog
  • Potty
  • Ball
  • His Name
  • Hungry
  • Hey
  • Stay
  • What
  • Down
  • Up
  • Cookie
  • Thirsty
  • Come Here
  • No
  • OK
  • Move
  • Kennel
  • Door