Diversity of Tumblr


I am thankful for the diversity of Tumblr. Having people with different lives, views and situations can help me gain a different perspective on the world. Life is an education and blogging can be one of many tools to help us understand it all. Healthy, respectful dialogue is great. However posts that are designed to be overly vulgar or derogatory shouldn’t be tolerated, free speech or not.


Diversity is Super


The Super Bowl last night was a great night for the Seattle Seahawks and diversity. Both were big winners. There were two great commercials that showed what modern America looks like.

First there was the Cheerios commercial with a interracial couple who is telling their beautiful daughter she is getting a new sibling, she also wants puppy that her mother is not thrilled about. Second was for Coca-Cola where “America The Beautiful” was sung in different languages of people who came here to this country.

Our diversity makes us better, more interesting and unique. Hey I am a white anglo-saxon protestant and I know that I am just a small part of this country’s makeup, people from all across the world have come here to make their contributions to this land of ours. One day diversity won’t be an issue because it will be the norm, not the exception.

A song once said it takes every kind of people to make this world go round. I believe it. We should forget no one and everyone of every color, ethnicity, orientation and creed should be represented and cared for. No matter what you might have heard, diversity is the present and the future. There is no going back.

Follow That Blog…I Hope You Don’t Mind


Every relationship I have through blogging has come about because I followed a blog first and got to know someone through their posts. People have followed me back in the same manner. However when you follow a blog sometimes it feels like you are being nosy and that sort of thing. You just have to get past that.

Some bloggers want to share and express with the world everything in their head and on their heart, while others would rather just blog for themselves. It’s a personal preference on how many people you want to see your posts. 

Tumblr has created a platform that is in itself a social network through its dashboard where you see the blogs and posts of people who you follow. Some people choose to be personal, creative and original while others just want to reblog everything in sight. There’s room for both. Although I like a blog where I get to know a little about the blogger, its just more interesting if you ask me. 

I believe in the social element of blogging, its a great way to learn about things you didn’t know existed and to see life through other peoples eyes. No two people are alike. There is incredible diversity in blogging. You have to have an open mind on Tumblr and other sites like it. 

I hope you don’t mind if I follow you. It’s OK to follow me. 


US wakes up to a Miss America of Indian descent

For the first time America’s top beauty queen is a woman of Indian origin, a first partly clouded by a spate of hateful Tweets branding her an Arab terrorist.

(MY TAKE: It’s really sad in 2013 that some in America have refused to embrace diversity. Twitter exploded with racist statements regarding the new Miss America Nina Davuluri saying she was an Arab…she is actually of Indian descent. 

We are a melting pot nation where people who have come from all around the world have made this country their home. In the future there will be more people who look like Miss Davuluri than not. Racism and hate shouldn’t be a American value. Congratulations Nina on being chosen Miss America 2014)



Ok, lets face it…I am as white as sour cream and mayonnaise. I am as Caucasian as it comes. However I appreciate our growing national diversity. People of colour and other nationalities have influenced me and have helped me understand others more.

It started for me at Hiwassee College where I was introduced to people from countries all over the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. So as a lily-white man from the south I have been blessed to know awesome people from everywhere around the globe.

This is a strong reminder that God is love, God created us all, there is no biological difference in people. We have experienced similar things in our lives that have shaped us the only difference is where they happened.

Its said the United States will have more non-whites in the country not too far in the distant future and to me that’s fine. I do not feel threatened in any way and why should I.

Diversity makes us stronger, we live in a world of color. Its good to recognize that for future generations. We must resist racism and ethnocentrism and nationalism so that our world community would come together in understanding and peace.

A Commentary: Faith, Communities and The South


In our southern communities it is good to celebrate the diversity of life and faith. We also must respect people who have made a conscious decision to not embrace faith. I don’t think our public schools should be a platform to endorse one faith over another. I am a Christian and sharing my faith doesn’t mean in your face exhibitions of scriptures on a sign at a football game but living a life of action and one-on-one sharing where its more personal and intimate.