Rambling About Design


Some websites are designed with maximum flash. Such visual fireworks don’t always work for some users. When planning a website sensitivity to older computer systems and regions with slower web speeds should be a part of the overall plan. Designers need to realize that simple and minimal doesn’t have to mean boring. There’s nothing wrong with having function having a higher priority over style. Sites need to work with all platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) or else alienating some users. Technology needs to be inclusive when possible and how things work needs to make sense, that is good design. 


Your Blog’s Look, What Does It Say?


A well done blog is one where its easy to read above anything else. The layout of a website is a reflection of the designer and the content producer. Getting your message across means thinking about the person who will be reading it first. A busy background, non complimentary colors and too much eye candy can get in the way of your blog being its best.

There are a lot of themes on Tumblr choose the one that suits your personality. Your theme should help you communicate what you want to say in the best possible way.

How Does Your Blog Look?


As a blogger its important to see how my blog looks on other computers. No two systems are configured alike. How your reader interfaces with your site is important because if they can’t read it they are less likely to come back for a return visit. I used an iPad to see how my blog looked and it translated well on that platform. Now I need to check it on Windows and that should assure me that it works well. 

Things you can check for is font size, margins, colors and just how it looks at a glance. The saying goes “the devil is in the details” is right you can make a statement by how your blog works with others. Too many blogs have unreadable font sizes, bad color contrast, over-sized graphics that impacts the theme, too much eye candy and more. Take a look at a site made in the 90’s to early 00’s you can tell who has taken the time to design their site effectively. If you want to embed music in your blog make it an option for the end user to play that music after they land there the first time. 

Yes its your blog but remember its a part of you but making it a hospitable place to visit on the Web can get you plenty of visits.

Tweaking My Blog


I did a little tweaking to my blog today. I changed font style all over, there is no default italics being used and increased the title font size. Its good to do some slight changes every now and then to keep it fresh. Thanks to all who visit and read my blog daily or when they can. 

TV now a visual design element | timesfreepress.com


Hiding a television within an armoire became a staple of home design during the 1990s’ “cocooning” trend. But as televisions evolved into sleeker styles, they moved out of armoires to become the focal point of wall-unit entertainment centers. Now new home builds are incorporating custom niches into their walls, elevating the TV to a design element.

TV now a visual design element | timesfreepress.com



Discussion at the University of Maryland six months ago.

Designer: So what are you looking for in the new uniform design?

Athletic Director: Can you make something that incorporates the Maryland flag but in a way that makes it appear as if you have suffered some kind of awful brain injury that has severed your corpus callosum and rendered each hemisphere of your brain ignorant of what the other hemisphere is thinking and seeing?

Designer: Yes. Yes I can.





The designs of Apple’s Senior VP of Industrial Design, Johnathan Ive and his inspiration, Dieter Rams in Stylectrical aMuseum für Kunst und Gerwerbe Hamburg. Click images for details.

Well, that’s literal.