With Depression, There Is Hope


To those going through things know there are people who care. Whatever it is I really hope you find people to help you through. Know you are not alone and support is available. There is hope even in depression and other situations. Grace and peace to you all. 

Blog Your Blues


I would rather see someone sharing their blues about something in a original post than a bunch of reblogs. Your situation might actually help someone else. There’s nothing wrong with sharing the blues. Musicians, artists and writers have done it for centuries. Everyone has something in their lives that they are going through and perhaps some support and love would help them and help each of us get through.


Not A Lack of Faith


Having depression or a illness like it is not a lack of faith its a lot more than that. Believers need to embrace those who suffer and help them with the aches of their mind and heart before dealing with the aches of their souls. Prayers for peace and grace in the chaos for all those who are living with mental illness.



A good friend of mine is getting help for depression and other things that are impacting his life. I am proud of my friend for doing this. Depression and other forms of mental illness are serious things that we should never make light of. There are people who suffer in silence. To my friend, I hope you will live in peace as time goes by.

It’s Okay


It’s Okay to share when your heart, soul and emotions are wounded. We have come a long way but there’s a sigma still attached to depression and the like. People need to know that they are loved no matter what their situation is. Everyone is human and is in need of love and tenderness. The way to understanding is sharing your cares to people who need to know and can help. It’s okay to hurt its okay to be vulnerable.

Facing Your Giants, It Takes An Advocate or Team


Everyone has something they are facing that seems unsurmountable. There are giants all around that want to defeat us, hold us back, prevent us from having a good life. This morning in Church I heard my pastor talk about how God is bigger than any giant. Sometimes its the giant mocking
but you know God is on our side.

No matter your faith this is a universal message of how things can get the best of us. We all need an advocate to stand up for us. My advocate is God but it could be friends and community for others. No one person can face their giants entirely alone. This is where having a team is important. No one is meant to be mired in the muck that life sometimes throws at us.

I hope whatever you are facing, whether it be illness, job losses, depression, self esteem, fear, etc. you will defeat it with the help of a higher power or your personal support system. It’s important to know that giants are beatable. David vs. Goliath among other stories of overcoming the odds comes to mind.

I hope you have peace today. 

Self Esteem Is A Powerful Thing


I have discovered that ones self esteem is a powerful thing that can build people up or make them tear others down. How one views themselves can inform others about who you are as a person. We have all gone through episodes of low self esteem, situational depression and doubting ourselves. We shouldn’t rely upon others to build us up but reassurance and encouragement can be a help to many.

People who suffer from low self esteem have been known to do things that have harmed others and it could be a cry for help.

There is a old saying you can’t love someone unless you love yourself and its true but some folks are in relationships where self esteem is a work in progress. The one lesson we can learn is to be good to ourselves and be good to others.

In This Time of Thanks


As we celebrate Thanksgiving, there are some people who don’t have large families and grand traditions of gathering for the traditional dinner. This might be a time where there is sadness about the loss of a family member, a marriage and other changes in life. Memories of family gatherings from long ago are painful considering the current circumstances. For those who are blessed with the bounty of our land remember there are many who are doing with less and some without completely. May we all be sensitive to their plight. God bless us, everyone. 

Season of the blues


Fall is a great season. But people can find things to be tough with holidays and the change of weather. Be sure to have people you can rely on to help. If you need assistance there are faith based services as well as local resources available to lend a hand. What ever you are going through reach out and get help.
Be strong, have courage, love one another.

A miserable day


It’s a miserable, rainy day in the city. You can see fog in all directions. The weather seems to be in a depressing pattern lately. It’s hard to be happy in situations like this but we need to press on. Keep a well lit house, keep hydrated, blog, watch summertime movies, listen to cheesy music and having fun can help our mood be in better spirits. Keep the chaos in life to a minimum. We are in all this together. Stay dry people! Love and peace.