Mike DiCenzo, the writer behind the “Saved By The Bell” sketch, fit a lot of great easter eggs into the visit back to Bayside last night!  
ICYMI: Here’s Jimmy reminiscing about his time at Bayside High

Dennis Haskins who played Principal Richard Belding is a native of my hometown Chattanooga, TN. He still loves our fair city very much even though his career has him in Los Angeles.

‘Saved By the Bell’ Repeats Headed to E! (Exclusive)


I love Saved By The Bell and I am thrilled its coming back to TV on the E! network. Dennis Haskins who plays Mr. Belding is a fellow Chattanoogan and to see him in his glory days is going to be great. 


Until now, the network typically aired repeats of E! series, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Total Divas and Chelsea Lately, in that morning time frame. Adding Saved by the Bell to the lineup is something of a nostalgia play aimed at the femme-focused network’s younger viewership, and the show joins Sex and the City in E!’s off-net portfolio.

‘Saved By the Bell’ Repeats Headed to E! (Exclusive)