Talking DC Politics


There is gridlock in Washington DC right now. No doubt there are functional problems in the relationships with our leaders. The Senate seems to be the adults in the room right now. How can we let one faction of one party in one part of government shut things down like this. Many of their supporters do so against their best interest.

Friends, America is about to be in a very bad position and there is enough blame to be passed around. In full disclosure I am a Democrat and I think there needs to be more flexibility on my side of the issues but not at the expense of the middle class or the poor. 

Getting a deal done has become very hard and I am not sure when the House and Senate can come together on the issues of the shutdown. They have a few hours now before default. 

I feel that the GOP will be hurt for years because of this and all because of a radical faction put them in this spot. We will have to see how the coming days impacts our country. Our reputation and credit depend on it. 

Politics and Relationships


Discussing politics can be a very conflicting conversation. No two people agree 100% on the issues of the day. We have to be wary of conflict because there can be relationships impacted. I hate to argue but I also have my opinions and I want to share them. After all I have this blog thing so naturally I am inclined to want to speak out a little.

Some folks can be political and preserve a friendship. I have friends who disagree with me that are good people. We do have other things that bind us together such as religion (which is another blog post all together) and that is great. 

People who can in good conscious agree to disagree but still love each other are strong individuals. Perhaps there are other things that are more important than politics. But these days it seems that the discussions in DC have taken a heightened profile for American’s. 

No matter if you are Democrat, Republican or Independent your voice matters. But don’t let your voice come between you and those you love. People matter more than principles. 

Inauguration Monday!


Tomorrow will be all about the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. They were officially sworn in today per requirements of the Constitution. We will be watching MSNBC coverage of this historic event. Its going to be further special because the ceremony is taking place on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We will both be home tomorrow to watch it!

The President and The Congress


Last night the American people re-elected Barack Obama President. The nation wants the president and congress to work together and perhaps that is the message they sent last night. Getting things done in congress has been a problem over the past four years for the President. Its my hope that there will be some cooperation to get things done. The President has to work harder on job creation and deficit reduction, both things that Republicans like. The House of Representatives remains solidly republican while the Senate made gains for Democrats. I think both sides will have to compromise some in order to get things accomplished in the next four years.