It was good to see David Tennant and Billie Piper back on the 50th. What they did with Billie’s character was great. I think it’s Rose amped up several notches as The Bad Wolf. She helped provide a lot of moral direction in this episode. Without her the story couldn’t have happened. 


Soon, we will find out who will be joining these men in playing “The Doctor” on “Doctor Who”. There is buzz all over the world and in media that is just picking up on the story. NPR and CNN have both had mentions of “Doctor Who” and who will get to occupy the TARDIS. Its going to be an exciting time around the world for our fandom.

The New “Doctor”


The Interwebs are a buzz about a pending announcement of who will be the new Doctor on “Doctor Who”. 

Whoever this person is will have to fill some big shoes. Matt Smith did a great job in his term as The Doctor. I think the new person needs to be older than Matt Smith but maybe younger than David Tennant. We do need someone who looks like the first three incarnations of the role.

Some fans feel there needs to be a change at the helm of the show. Steven Moffat seems to polarize fans a little. Too many folks still pine for the tenth Doctor played by Tennant. So right now the casting of the new person is critical to the future of the franchise. There are a legion of dedicated fans who are with the show no matter what.

Perhaps going back to basics, looking at the classic era to see how the show can go forward. Perhaps a greater emphasis on shorter story arcs. I think we need to focus on The Doctor and Companion and being introduced to new worlds and maybe visiting ancient worlds that were prevalent in the first seasons of the show.

It’s my hope the show will have some new life and that Jenna Coleman will have a good mate to run among the stars with. We shall see.


It’s been awhile since The Doctor and Clara have been on my blog. After all the blue accents on my site are Tardis Blue (Hex #102372). The 50th Anniversary special will be coming in November with The 10th Doctor and Rose joining in. I do miss new episodes and we will have to see who the new Doctor will be.