Date Night – Fish Friday


Tonight we went to get fish at a local BBQ restaurant called NoogaQ. It was all you can eat catfish and we enjoyed every delicious morsel. We also had some great side dishes too. For many Christian’s fish on Friday is a tradition. After dinner we watched the movie “Ever After”. We have had a good evening of chilling out and having fun. Friday nights are good times.

Date Night Adventure


My wife and I are doing three things we have never done before. A restaurant we have never eaten at with food that we have only seen on TV. A ghostly adventure in a cemetery and ice cream to finish it off at a place we have heard much about. Stay tuned for all the fun here and on Instagram. 


Holy Mole! @ Poblanos – There is a killer Mexican place on the north shore of Chattanooga that has some great dishes in a dressed up atmosphere. Poblanos is in where two pizza places didn’t quite make it. We had some great food tonight. I had the mole which was excellent and Laura had the flautas. They were very tasty. We finished the meal with some great flan. We will return!

Sensory Overload at The Mall


Tonight was date night and we went out to eat and then to the mall. While at the mall we visited a store that provided an assault on the senses. Visual, olfactory and auditory. The store provided a modern retail experience that is designed to help one part with their hard earned cash. One major complaint was the music, not what was played but the volume. Trying to hear the cashier was a little difficult. Perhaps the level at which the music was playing could be reduced in order to be sure good customer service can be provided. This store is a well known retailer but the name shall remain nameless. If you can figure it out you are awesome. Customer experience should be a priority and that sometimes means adjusting the atmosphere to make it easier for everyone.

Friday Date Night – Furniture and German Food


I went and picked up Laura from work and we went on a Friday night date. It began by going to look for some new furniture. We need a new couch and a new bed and box springs. So to keep our dollars local we went to places in Red Bank, TN to begin our shopping trip. Well we have some success, we paid around $80 for a used love seat and we are looking at brand new bedding that will be much more. These are things that we need and will make our lives a little easier.

After our furniture shopping we headed to The North Shore of Chattanooga for dinner at BrewHaus a German/American restaurant and beer garden. I had the schnitzel and a German beer and Laura had the spaetzle, both of which were fabulous. Then to observe National Donut Day we went to Chattanooga’s Julie Darling Donuts for some wonderful morsels of sweet joy. 

It has been a great evening. Now we are chilling out before a busy Saturday of Girl Scout and Lookouts Baseball activities.