Doctor Who Saturday


Tomorrow many of you will be a little confused about what is going on with some of the geeks/nerds you know. “Doctor Who” is getting a new lead actor and his name is Peter Capaldi, we are all excited about this. You might see posts featuring a blue police box and villains called The Daleks. We are an inclusive community and if you want to find out more just ask one of us. You might enjoy it.


Terry Nation – The Father of The Daleks



Terry Nation (8 August 1930 – 9 March 1997) was a Welsh television writer and novelist. He is best known for creating the villainous Daleks for the long-running BBC science-fiction TV series Doctor Who in 1963. Nation was also the creator of two series, Survivors and Blake’s 7, in the 1970s.

Terry Nation – The Father of The Daleks


Happy Halloween Fellow Whovians!

Doctor Who has some of the most amazingly scary monsters and villains. From weeping angels, werewolves, vampires in Venice to the Daleks you can find plenty to be scared about on that show.