Cashiers at Wal-Mart


Tonight at Wal-Mart we did some shopping. There were 4 lines available for checkout. I want to thank the young woman who helped us tonight because she was highly busy all day and wouldn’t get off until 11am. Staffing for the weekends is hard and I know from my days in customer service when people would call out “sick”. Changes need to be made but I don’t know what those are.


Hanging on the Telephone


I am trying to get my unemployment benefits situated. To do this I have been on hold on the phone for over 5 hours this week. I am hanging on trying to get this done so I can get my questions answered. This is very frustrating but it has to be done. 

This is what its like on the other side of the phone. I have worked in customer service in my life and when you have hundreds if not thousands of people needing to find out the same info it can be like waiting in traffic. 

A Call For Help


Calling customer and tech support can be a tricky situation. When you call in to get a problem resolved you hope for a easy and pleasant experience, however it can go the other way.

There can be language and cultural differences that can make it difficult to get things done. Telephone connections can make things challenging too depending if your phone is wired or not.

Frustrating situations can make one lose their cool and bang their head against a wall. Being patient is always the best course of action because you want to get things accomplished in a timely fashion. Its easy to get emotional because you are doing everything they are telling you to and for some reason you can’t seem to get things working the way you should. 

It seems like the more dependent we are on our gadgets, phones and the like the more we are at the mercy of those companies support personnel. In times like these we long for simpler times.