21st Century


I think the 21st Century some envisIoned years ago isn’t what they thought they would get. In many ways people are holding on to a past that is more advantageous to their situation and agreeable to their mindset. There is technological advances but socially and culturally it doesn’t seem we are very advanced. This isn’t a ultra modern age like we saw predicted years ago. We still struggle with ignorance and fear. People are are resistant to change. It seems more like the wild west. Sometimes I dream of utopia, where is that?


Completely Surreal Photos Of America’s Abandoned Malls


An inside look at nine abandoned malls. There is nothing creepier and more fascinating.

It’s interesting how things have changed in retail. Going to the mall was a big deal. Not only were malls a place of shopping but a place to eat and gather with friends. You can still do that in some areas but things have definitely changed. Now people are likely to shop online or in open air shopping centers.

Completely Surreal Photos Of America’s Abandoned Malls

The Most Annoying Song


There’s a song, a tune, a jingle that gets in your head and stays there. They call them ear worms which is a very good description.

For me it’s What Does The Fox Say, its annoying and just strange (although I am strange too) but in a good way.

Thanks to hypernaturalism for inspiring the following question.

What is the most annoying song that gets in your head and you wish would go away?

Age Is Just A Number


There is a time in life where age is just a number. However we live in a society that reveres youth and older folks seem to be lame and boring. Well my friends Peter Capaldi the new “Doctor” on “Doctor Who” is 55 years old and is the second oldest person to play the role. Its pretty remarkable that they chose to go older in the role considering the relative youth of David Tennant and Matt Smith.

As for me I am in my 40’s and getting older isn’t a big deal. Older people can chose to be stuffy or perhaps it would be good to relate to younger folks. However you don’t want someone my age going to a frat party or trying to fit in and making a fool of themselves.

Blogging has provided me the opportunity to get to know younger folks who are smart and mature. These folks also are creating the cultural environment we are seeing today. All the things happening now aren’t the invention of people my age but those who have new ideas and possess the energy to implement their creativity.

I might be twice as old as some of my followers but you know that’s cool. They can learn from me and I can learn from them.

Your Tumblr Experience?


I have been using Tumblr pretty heavy (at least for me) since June and have found it to be a pretty good all-round blogging and expression system. I wanna know what you think about it. Does it do the job you need for long-form blogging, media posting, cross posting to Facebook and Twitter and more. I have found it easy and quite cool.¬†With the BlackBerry app I have on my phone I can view Tumblr as well as post to it with ease. Click on my “ask” button to reply if you wish. Thanks for your feedback.