50 Years Ago


In a time 50 years ago when presidents and writers passed away, its good that a “Doctor” came on the scene to help restore our childlike view on the world. As the world has gone on in these past 50 years we seem to have gotten cold, unfeeling and cynical. Our world changed on this day. Let us remember that as we all get older lets never lose that sense of wonder that has kept us from going crazy.

I love the song God loves the little children, all the children of the world. It’s a reminder for us that we are all children in some way. No matter how old we get we are secure in that we are loved. 

Lets take a moment and be silly, smell the roses, be ourselves before it’s too late. Don’t forget to be a kid every now and then. 


Surfin The Web Old School Style


Friends, my setup in Nerd Corner has given me a revelation. I like surfing the Web from a desk, in a quiet place, on a big monitor. Yes give me a desktop set up or modified laptop set up, any day. I think you can be more creative, focused and accurate in your computer activities this way. I really am enjoying this feeling of being at a desk and feeling like I am accomplishing things.

Of course there is the excitement of taking your laptop into a coffee house those hipsters (I am a wanna be hipster) like and surfing, doing real work and checking out the latest blends while you people watch. Hopefully the WiFi hasn’t been maxed out by the other users and you can get an IP address. 

Surfing from home means wearing your PJ’s or whatever you pass off as PJ’s or whatever you want to wear…heck wear nothing. You have cheap coffee and perhaps someone you can snuggle up with while you have dueling computers. 

Then there are the tablets out there, you know the ones that have a touch screens and the like. But you know there’s something retro and fun about a real keyboard…you get to hear what you write too. I would like a tablet but to use from the couch or bed.

However you surf the Web make sure you enjoy it. Remember how much fun it can be. A browser is still the best killer app. Happy surfing everyone. 

Dream World vs. Real World


Is the world we live in a dream world or a real world? Is what we see a reality or fantasy. We depend on devices that we use to keep up with our virtural communities. The truth sets us free from the prison of our existence. Are we loaded into the Matrix or are we freed for joyful obedience to our higher calling. Fighting for freedom can cost us our lives but only if we can liberate our minds.

In The Heat


In the heat there are moments of passion

Children playing in a water fountain

People are tested

Metal becomes weak and then strong

In the heat there’s a picnic with watermelon

People are thriving and some dying

There’s money to be made

Battles are fought

Elements are transformed

Fire releases its fury

Intense words are exchanged

The truth comes out

In the heat we cannot always escape



I miss you

I miss me

I miss us

There are friends I miss

So many people who aren’t here

Who is there

Things done wrong

Mistakes of the past

Mystery makes me wonder

Sometimes we launch word missles

And never miss the target

Things I have had in my sights I have missed

Children of war, missing in action

Kids of the streets missing from their homes

Friends I miss, have gone on

Sometimes I wonder if they miss me

I wouldn’t miss now for the world

Missing persons we wonder where they are

We miss the mark

Perfect humans we are not

His forgiveness never misses

Miss you much



Change it’s a part of life

You find it in your pocket

Old gives way to new

Its about the times

People, places, faces in transition

Regeneration from one person to another

The seasons come and go

Growing in life and love

Coming into life and passing into death

It is a human thing

Technology getting better

Going from war into peace

Adapting and adopting

Its about you and its about me



Sometimes you just gotta wonder

Sometimes you shake your head

Sometimes life can hand you a raw deal

Sometimes you are blessed beyond measure

Sometimes people make mistakes

Sometimes they get away with doing horrible things.

Sometimes life doesn’t make sense

Sometimes you need to run away screaming

Sometimes we need a break

Sometimes its time to pack it in

Sometimes you want a fresh start