My Take on Last Night’s NCIS


NCIS had a solid episode that was timely and relevant. With talk about the NSA lately they had a platform to introduce their new character Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop played by Emily Wickersham. Bishop is a quirky character who hails from Oklahoma. She is smart and can survive the tough job of being a new agent.  Tony and McGee didn’t know what to think about her. She endeared herself to Gibbs and Abby which can be challenging at times. Her work ethic is fierce and unorthodox. I like her, she is different, she is fresh. She will do. For fans of the show, no matter who is in the cast this provides new avenues for storytelling and helps the show go in a different direction. 

Now for those fellow NCIS fans who are devoted to Ziva (Cote dePablo). I respect you, your cause to bring her back is noble. You are fully entitled to your opinion on the matter of her departure. Most of us on Tumblr live in free countries where freedom of expression is OK. Your opinions are valid and should never be dismissed by anyone. One of my favorite bloggers is probalicious who is a devoted fan of Cote and the show. I appreciate what she has to say on a lot of things. Ziva is a great character and we have her in past episodes. 

Long live NCIS, its a great show with some new and exciting opportunities. 

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NCIS Without Cote/Ziva


Tonight’s first episode was a good one. The use of technology to drive the show is what I like about NCIS. Gibbs, Tony, McGee and Abby forged ahead. It’s always hard to proceed without a beloved character but they did that. The show still has a great cast and there are still great stories to tell. Yes its different without Ziva David but I consider this show to be one that can move on and it will be alright. An ensemble cast relies upon each cast member bringing their own talents to make the show what it is. When you are one person down you have to band together to still make it great. They went through this with Kate and Jenny. There is no replacement to Ziva but perhaps they can find one person to do their part to make the show different but still good.


The Ziva David Farewell Begins on NCIS

Ziva David, one of the best characters on TV is beginning her farewell on NCIS tonight. Cote De Pablo announced she was leaving NCIS in August and for many of her fans this is a very sad time. They began the mourning and grieving process early but still it won’t be easy for them when De Pablo leaves in a couple episodes. 

We have all been there when a beloved character leaves a favorite show. Anytime someone we have admired departs changes things for us and the show. Many fans invest their hearts and souls on these people and lives through these characters. Its a sad day, we have our memories. However the show must go on and with the leadership of Mark Harmon, NCIS has much life left. 

For the love of Cote de Pablo


A fellow blogger has launched a new blog honoring Cote De Pablo of NCIS which the number one series on American TV. Cote plays the wildly popular Ziva David. De Pablo announced in August she is leaving NCIS to the dismay of her legions of fans. I respect the devotion Cote’s fans have. She is a good actress and does things the right way like a role model should.

Meg/Probalicious congrats and best wishes with the new site.

For the love of Cote de Pablo

Star Departure


It’s always interesting when a star of a highly rated show leaves. Anytime in any occupation you can have some job security take advantage of it. Of course these roles are played by real people who have lives to lead and people can get burned out.

However you see soap opera stars playing their roles for over 30 years and they are still going. Perhaps they know something about longevity. 

There are some high profile exits such as Matt Smith of Doctor Who, Cote de Pablo of NCIS and many others who have heeded the call of other opportunities. 

Many people have invested their hearts and souls into these characters. They live their lives vicariously through these people who do things extraordinary. To me its OK to mourn, its a loss and some folks take it hard. Exits if done right can soothe the sting of a actors departure. If an actor is killed off violently the show risks losing that fan. It will be interesting to see how characters are resolved down the road.