Blogging By The Numbers


I have more followers of my blog (close to 1000) than I have followers on Facebook. I also follow about the same number. The question I have is how much is too much? I like to know my followers and to have meaningful dialogue, its a micro vs macro or a quality vs. quantity thing I suppose.

The purpose of my blog is for me to have a place to share and curate things happening in my life, I think I do a good job of that. The tone of my blog would seem boring to some but many enjoy what I have to say and how I say it. I hope that my posts will help those who need a lift or perhaps something to think about.

So with that said can my little blog be too big or am I missing an opportunity to be a positive influence on more folks who need it….what do you think?




I don’t mind profanity, I use it on occasion but you won’t see me using it in my posts, it’s not my style. It’s a personal decision to drop a four-letter word or two in conversation or in blogging. Sometimes you have to cuss up a storm because its the only way to deal with life’s situations. For me I want to try to do something different. Using profanity in a smart way can be more compelling than when one just cusses because they can.

Blogging Is A Conversation


I think when you blog having a response from your reader can be a good thing. Some posts are very personal though, so you should be careful in your comments. A blog post can be the start of a conversation to help us all understand what’s going on in our lives.

However giving a sneak peak of your creation to loved ones can make them feel special. They could help you fine-tune your post so it can be the best it can be.

I like it when people respond to my posts. It lets me know they are paying attention. As I have said before feedback can be the fuel that keeps a blogger going because they know their message is getting through.

So as you compose your next great post, enjoy the process of writing, editing that photo you just took or uploading a special video clip. In blogging we are all in it together. Keep on blogging my friends.

The Things I Say


I really try to be a nice guy, a person accessible to everyone. There are times however I say stupid stuff trying to be witty or funny and it comes across kind of sophomoric and just plain dumb. Trying to relate to people can be tricky when you don’t know yourself completely. My jokes and wise cracks could be misunderstood by people whose feelings could get hurt or they might just think you are a idiot.

The things we say can matter and you gotta be careful. I need to learn this lesson better.

To any I have offended, please know I am sorry.