The Latest and Greatest, A Desire for New Tech Stuff


Apple announced a new line of technology which included new iPads, Macs and an update to their OSX operating system. It seems like they release new stuff all the time. It’s has been their practice for years to trot out new gear for the masses. Consumers oooh and aaah over their new stuff and its a reminder that what you have now isn’t good enough. Resistance is futile. 

Consumers are barraged by big release events, commercials and other marketing to make you want something to replace your not so old equipment. Think the iPhone in how they now have a gold model.

We all want the latest and greatest but sometimes we just can’t afford it. Yes I am guilty as charged of that too. However over the past few years I have worked to keep our older gear going.

I feel like in the economy we have keeping your gear running as long as you can is a must. However the temptation for new stuff is strong. I am unemployed so I can’t go putting down $1000 for a new computer right now.

Upgrading your computers memory, running updates and being creative can keep your PC running. Sometimes you have to update because the current technology is needed to do daily functions. Optimizing your personal technology can help performance and will frustrate you less.