Common Connections


It’s cool to have common connections in life. My wife and I had a ton of them. At work I have many. Online I have made many common connections. Getting linked up with people you have things in common with is nice. You get to know people in a whole new way. Sometimes connections can help you get further on in life and your work.


Rambling About Tumblr, Blogging and Connections


Whenever I see a fellow blogger I think I might have things in common with I will follow them. Over the years I have made connections with some pretty good people who have real and interesting lives.

I have met people on Tumblr, Multiply (a deceased social blogging platform) and Twitter from all over the world who share a love for blogging and that is awesome. It’s kind of like having pen pals from back in the day except its interactive and provides instant gratification.

It’s pretty rare that someone is asked to un-follow a fellow blogger and it happened to me yesterday. We aren’t like Facebook where you have to agree to be friends to follow one another. Of course I respected that blogger and un-followed them.

Tumblr is a place where complete strangers can find community and connections in a very global way. We all have things that bring us together and of course differences but perhaps that is what makes this whole thing great. Things are set up here for people to follow one another and to make connections. 

If you find me to be boring or too tame I am not offended if you need someone with more spark and spice. All I can be is myself and offer you a person who is trying to make sense of life and to establish connections with like minded people. Thank you all for sticking and staying.

Good Morning Friends!


Today is Thursday and we have our own challenges today…But the good news is tomorrow is Friday! Hang in there today and do awesome things. Have fun when possible.

To my newest followers who have made connections over the past couple of days I am pleased and honored to have you tagging along. Be the star of your own blog!  

Have a great day. Rock on good people!



In life sometimes the only thing that truly matters is the people you love. Your family by birth or by choice are there to help give you identity and to sustain you and give you belonging. It’s those people that help you make lasting memories both good and bad. No matter what, be sure that you love those people and live together in a peace that knows no bounds. God, the universe, circumstances gave you those connections and community to enhance your life. Treasure the time you have together. Lord have mercy and thank you for giving me such people.



It’s amazing the connections we make with people who we never thought we would become friends with. Some folks surprise you when they want to be your pal. Those connections reveal the depth of our hearts and souls that we look past appearances into something greater. Friendships are a vital part of our world and we all need them. It is through our friendships that we learn more about ourselves. We need to be wary that we see ourselves poorly when others reject us though. Each of us are valuable people and its great when others see it and sometimes let us know that value. Connections are cool!

The Need For Real Connections


Many of us have hundreds if not thousands of connections on Tumblr, Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I ask when was the last time we made connections for real like having coffee or having a meal together. I am guilty of not meeting with people in person more too.

There are times when its just more convenient and safer to connect online. However we have lost some of the skills needed in other parts of life when we just leave it up to technology and social networking to make connections possible. Granted many of our friends live in other places so the only time we can visit is online.

It could be that we are too busy or we say we are too busy so we don’t have to actually make an effort. There is something to be said for a front porch of a house where neighbors will congregate to enjoy company and all that goes with it like food, drink and music.

People need real people, don’t you think?



Connections are vitally important to getting things done in the world. There are different ways of linking people to services, information, locations and other people who can help them. In the past few days my work has revealed to me that there are different ways of making those connections. Whether it be through the telephone, the Web or other means it’s important to get a message out there. It’s important that in my work I create links between people and the organization I work with.

For a organization to advance itself it requires diligence and the know how to reach out to those it serves. Technology and research are vital parts of making connections. Keeping information up to date is a part of maintaining relationships with people an organization serves.

Connecting: Old and New


I think its important for older folks (not saying I am ancient) to learn about the culture of the moment. I also think its important for younger folks to check out older things and enjoy the source code for what inspires them today.

Old music for example whether it be in church or in a symphony hall has a lot of complexity and poetry. Modern music really has the influence of the ancient with the message of the moment.

The same goes for film, literature, art and dance. If we spent more time connecting the ancient with the modern generations of people can gain further understanding of one another and expand their knowledge base.

The old and the young live in the same space, perhaps we should start living as community instead of two groups who don’t want to make the effort to understand each other.

Following and “Stalking”


I appreciate following and “stalking” fellow bloggers across different channels of social networking. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other sites are great ways to be connected. Sometimes it feels like good natured “stalking” but its a good way to keep in touch and see what we are all up to online. These connections can be about creativity and sharing in different ways. Keep on blogging and connecting good people.