Senate and House pass bill to re-open the government, raise the debt ceiling

President Obama says he will sign the bill “immediately”


Government Shutdown


Our government is closed for business because of a failure to compromise on a continuing resolution to fund itself. Orders have been given to begin an orderly shutdown. This is the first time in seventeen years. My earlier post well give you an idea of what’s effected. Hang on fellow Americans.

The President and The Congress


Last night the American people re-elected Barack Obama President. The nation wants the president and congress to work together and perhaps that is the message they sent last night. Getting things done in congress has been a problem over the past four years for the President. Its my hope that there will be some cooperation to get things done. The President has to work harder on job creation and deficit reduction, both things that Republicans like. The House of Representatives remains solidly republican while the Senate made gains for Democrats. I think both sides will have to compromise some in order to get things accomplished in the next four years.