A Choice


There are many things in life that make you shake your head. We are living in a world full of chaos and turmoil. Our lives are scheduled to the minute and our priorities are not what they once were. People work harder, longer for less. The reality of it all is a nightmare. Friends we once were tight with are now strangers. We seem to be full of suspicion and short on love. We don’t need TV to see drama because its being played out for real in our lives.

There is hope though. We can choose be the change we want to see. Instead of fussing and fighting we can have friendships. We can slow our lives down and make people a priority. Spending less so we don’t have to work longer and harder. Keeping our friendships sacred instead of disposable. Trusting people more and showing our hearts for them. Avoiding the drama of life and learning to laugh.


All we are saying is give peace a chance


John Lennon remains a wise man beyond his time. Give peace a chance.

I hate conflict…I realize its necessary at times but to tell you the truth I hate to fight with anyone. I feel awful in the process. When I have a fight with anyone it shatters me. When my friends fight it can be just as bad. You don’t want to pick a side. 

The world has is scarred enough from battles and fighting. Lets drop our arms, temper our hearts and learn to love one another. Think twice before speaking or posting.

Peace above all. May you have the peace of God or your higher power. 



I hate conflict. Arguing makes me highly uncomfortable. However its necessary in life. We experience conflict at work, at home, in community, everywhere. People, like me will try to avoid it whenever possible. However to restore peace and keep order sometimes its necessary.

If people would just learn to work things out then we would have a better world to live in. Exploring our problems can be a painful process where people can either be brought closer together or torn apart. We have a world where there is so much violence and bloodshed that has cost us lives and relationships.

Sometimes it best to part ways however when possible lets do the work to keep people and community together.

As the Beatles once sang “We can work it out”


It puzzles me why people have to live in unnecessary drama and make choices that keep them in misery. You do have a choice to be somewhat happy and deal with the things life brings your way with some dignity, class and without using lots of profanity. Don’t mean to preach but there.