Young registered voters be sure to get out and vote Tuesday, November 4th. Every vote is important and your voice matters. Make a difference in your community and go to the polls. Take a friend with you.



In life sometimes the only thing that truly matters is the people you love. Your family by birth or by choice are there to help give you identity and to sustain you and give you belonging. It’s those people that help you make lasting memories both good and bad. No matter what, be sure that you love those people and live together in a peace that knows no bounds. God, the universe, circumstances gave you those connections and community to enhance your life. Treasure the time you have together. Lord have mercy and thank you for giving me such people.


Be Good, Online And Elsewhere


Be a good citizen in your community and online. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Just because you have a blog and Twitter account doesn’t give you permission to be a jerk or to treat others poorly. With much power, comes much responsibility (someone good said that once). Keep others accountable when they do bad things. Be careful, be kind and remember that the blog you have now can be easily taken from you, your blogging platform has that right.



My picture of the two cats on my truck from this morning made a impact on me. Those cats live in a trailer community across the street, they have a place to go home to. So many animals don’t have a place or a space or people to call their own. Humans are the same way. Some people like animals are strays in the world.

Dogs and cats and people walk the same streets where they don’t have much of anything in the world except their wits and the desire to survive. People strays are in search of home for themselves and maybe their families. In a world full of resources and riches no one should go it alone or go without. The one thing that should bring us together is to help our friends and neighbors find themselves and may they never be strays.

Living So You Can Be Yourself


It takes courage to be yourself. Being authentic is a hard thing to do in the world we live in. Peer pressure and fear of being accepted are barriers to people living as people they want to be. For those who are different its even harder.

I salute anyone who is brave enough to acknowledge to the world who they are. “Coming Out” means being who you are at the risk of losing connection and the love of family and friends. It’s sad that it happens so often to good people who just want to love and to be loved unconditionally.

Ellen Page is the latest person to say who she is. I know there are lots of famous people who have the support of their community but for many they face isolation and ridicule. Those kids who know they aren’t like the other kids find life to be difficult.

I am a believer in God and my call is to love and respect people for who they are, not who I want them to be. I am proud to say I have many friends who are LGBTQ and I will love and support them to live the life they want. Many of my gay friends are in committed relationships, they are also church goers. To me its about loving and supporting them in a world that doesn’t entirely understand the life they are living.

To those who struggle with this know you have a friend who wants to know more and is open minded. You all have value and I believe God loves you.

A Fandom Call To Action


If people in fandoms would donate their time to local organizations that need help they could be real superheroes. Just think of all the good you could do. It would be a Supernatural way to heal the world like The Doctor and its no Sherlock mystery that it would change the Community and the world. Think of it as Cosplay for a cause. People of the world would sing with Glee your praises.