Rambling About Commercials


Some commercials do a great job of getting in your head and never leaving. There are visuals that make you ask what did I just see. The way you do ads these days is a clever hook, interesting gimmicks and famous people. Yes sex does help here but that is for another discussion. I guess the advertising agencies earn their money that way in the 21st century. 


Diversity is Super


The Super Bowl last night was a great night for the Seattle Seahawks and diversity. Both were big winners. There were two great commercials that showed what modern America looks like.

First there was the Cheerios commercial with a interracial couple who is telling their beautiful daughter she is getting a new sibling, she also wants puppy that her mother is not thrilled about. Second was for Coca-Cola where “America The Beautiful” was sung in different languages of people who came here to this country.

Our diversity makes us better, more interesting and unique. Hey I am a white anglo-saxon protestant and I know that I am just a small part of this country’s makeup, people from all across the world have come here to make their contributions to this land of ours. One day diversity won’t be an issue because it will be the norm, not the exception.

A song once said it takes every kind of people to make this world go round. I believe it. We should forget no one and everyone of every color, ethnicity, orientation and creed should be represented and cared for. No matter what you might have heard, diversity is the present and the future. There is no going back.

Commercial Functions


I am not a fan of TV commercials that talk about bodily functions. No one want’s to hear about that. Yes those functions are a part of life but you know it can be kind of gross when you are having a late dinner or enjoying some ice cream or something. When you see bears advertising toilet paper that can give you chills up and down your spine. This also proves I watch too much commercial TV.