Back to Campus! I was at Wal-Mart tonight and I saw plenty of selection of fridges, futons and microwaves. and it took me back to my college days.

When I was in college futons, refrigerators and microwaves were ubiquitous in dorms and small apartments. I had all three of these when I was in college. They helped me rest and feed myself to get through the rigors of studies. These days they would make a well stocked man cave.

Finals Week


All over the country college students are enduring the ritual of finals. Its a time for high stress, lack of sleep, disrupted schedules and more. Some are contemplating next year while others are leaving school for the real world. Don’t freak out, study smart, breathe and get rest when you can. I hope all those going through this will do great and when its all done may you find relief. God bless you all as you wrap up the year. 

A Note To The Students Out There


To everyone who is still in school or have gone back after awhile I hope you are finishing the term strong. I hope you will do your very best and will have much success. Keep focused and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Get some rest when you can, that’s important. Be sure to eat and stay hydrated too. I have been where you are right now. There is always anxiety about exams and being sure you have everything together for your projects that you have been assigned. Some folks will be ending their educational journey soon which will be the start of a whole new journey in their lives. Good luck and God bless!



Discussion at the University of Maryland six months ago.

Designer: So what are you looking for in the new uniform design?

Athletic Director: Can you make something that incorporates the Maryland flag but in a way that makes it appear as if you have suffered some kind of awful brain injury that has severed your corpus callosum and rendered each hemisphere of your brain ignorant of what the other hemisphere is thinking and seeing?

Designer: Yes. Yes I can.