Baby It’s Cold Outside


To all my northern based blogger pals who are enduring extreme cold you are in my thoughts. The forecast in areas are -20 below zero and worse with windchils -25 below zero and worse. I know most of you are conditioned for this sort of weather, coming from the south I don’t know how. For us its 40 degrees and its freezing out. Stay warm and stay safe my friends. Look after your neighbors who might be at risk. 


Take Care Of Your Pets and Plants


In Chattanooga, TN as I write this its in the low 30’s and its going to get colder. Be sure your pets and plants are indoors because they get cold too. Extreme cold is likely to be seen in the northern states where there is already snow and neither pets nor plants can survive that easy.

Tonight I saw a cat struggling to stay warm. He was scared and alone, it broke my heart. I knew I couldn’t bring him home because we have a really big dog who isn’t keen on cats. 

Take care of our four legged friends.  Take care of each other.