Congratulations Class of 2014


It’s the season for graduations and there is much to celebrate. Young men and women will realize the goal of advancing their education and making their family and friends proud of them. I am excited about current students my alma maters Hiwassee College, Middle Tennessee State University and Red Bank High School earning degrees and diplomas.

As students make the transition from high school, college and university they will be going into a world that is very competitive and changing rapidly. In the beginning of their educational journey students hope to learn the lessons they will need to change the world or perhaps make their personal situation better. The degree a person earns will open doors for the future, however there is a reality that what a person actually does for a living will be quite different. Your education helps you adapt to change and its good to be flexible as one looks for work. Be ready to tackle whatever your work puts in front of you.

Have no fear my fellow Tigers, Blue Raiders and Lions, use your education to make the world a better place. I am with you friends.