Freedom seems to be for those who want liberty for themselves based upon their ideology and sometimes religion. We live in a country truly free for some and not for others. We do live in a place where there are two America’s. Civil rights and justice seem to be available for a few. Freedom isn’t free I guess.


History and Us


There is much history being made by people who are passionate about issues they care deeply about. From voting rights to abortion to gay marriage we are seeing some important things happen in the life of our nation. It’s amazing to see how everything is shaking out.

Justice is an important part of these events. Its about opportunities to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The important thing to know is that people are impacted in a real way. Lives are being changed. We are seeing TV and the Internet spark conversations about the history that is happening in real time.

How we respond to the current events of the day will show much about us as a country. This week we all realized how important it is to keep up with what’s going on. As I have learned this week change is a constant and we are all on a journey. People we don’t know are all making decisions on our behalf in our government and the courts. Locally decisions are made that deeply affect us all.

History teaches us things if we only listen. We are also making history by what we do in our lives. There is a ripple effect like a stone being thrown into a pond.