Olaf from “Frozen” Snuggie on Flickr.

Christmas likes warm hugs. It’s also officially jumped the shark.


Surprise Honey, I Bought You A Car….Yeah Right


Lexus with a bow on topThese commercials you see this time of year where a husband or wife has bought their spouse a new car seemingly without permission leave me scratching my head. If I were to buy something that expensive for my wife without he approval I would be sleeping on the couch or in my truck. Such an expensive extravagance has to be a mutual decision. No wife I know would love this gift because it means an extra expense. Most people I know couldn’t go out and buy a Lexus on a whim as a Christmas or a birthday gift. So its safe to say that husbands and some wives out there don’t get any ideas that you can get away with buying a new car for your mate and slapping a huge bow on the top and all would be alright. I am just sayin.