Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff


I am reading Jon Acuff’s book “Stuff Christians Like” which pokes fun at Christianity in a way that is good natured. Both the book and its companion blog takes a satirical look of how the faith has become a little cliche in many ways. Christians have sacred cows that they cling to and Acuff does a good job of pointing them out in a humorous way.

Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff


The Church Is At It’s Best


The church is at its best when it has order to it seasonally. For many its a liturgical calendar that gives order to worship and what is taught from the pulpit. Celebrating the life of Christ as He was born and as He died is spiritually meaningful. The times in between are when Believers are called upon to be faithful and to emulate Him by showing love, peace, grace, mercy to all and to seek repentance and forgiveness.

A Hip Easter Reflection


Jesus was born to a great couple named Mary and Joe, taught us to live, died for all of us, came back in the greatest encore ever and went home to be with his awesome dad (he didn’t drop the mic though). We can’t forget that Easter is an eternal thing that is open to everyone. Oh did I mention Jesus loved us fiercely and expects us to love our neighbors without condition, no matter what.

The Approach of The Believer


If I ever come across as “preachy” let me know. I am a believer in God and I want to share His love with everyone. The way I do that is to love everyone. I am not perfect but I am working on that with God’s help. No one wants to be preached at. However everyone likes being cared about and that is a ministry thing. I hope my fellow believers will understand that there are other ways of sharing the Gospel and that sometimes involves the simple action of saying hello and can they do anything for their friends and neighbors. We are told to love one another as Jesus loved us. That’s a good start.

Response To Easter


Our response to Easter is to continue the Earthly mission of Jesus. As he founded his church His calling on the lives of his believers is to be the church as we share His love. Being the church means a life of action, not just for one season.

For Those Who Are Church Going Folk


I think going to church to worship is very important because we are called to come together. We need to have the shared experience of praising God and being in the company of other believers. Unless one is homebound and cannot physically get out then I think there is a duty and calling for each of us to have fellowship with other believers in person. Our faith is something personal but also corporate and is best expressed in community. One’s growth as a believer can be strengthened in being in a small groups and in other activities ones house of worship provides. Having that communal experience is a part of ones spiritual development.

So going to church whenever that is for an individual is very necessary. When you are at church don’t be so in a hurry that you put a time constraint on the service, enjoy the fellowship and time together, God likes that. Don’t be rushed to get to the restaurants after service, they and your friends will be waiting. 

Whatever faith tradition you are a part of gather with those who you share your beliefs in. Its a great way to grow in that faith and to share some love with people.