Torchwood: Miracle Day


Watching a repeat of it on BBC America and some parts of it have a lot of moral issues to think about. Global conspiracy, semi-zombie states of being and of course good vs. evil and other shades of gray. There are a lot of Doctor Who Easter eggs to be gathered. Miracle Day has a great cast of people from science fiction as well as dramas.

It’s too bad that Russell T. Davies had to figuratively blow up Torchwood in more than one way. When he killed Toshiko and Owen in season 2 and Ianto in “Children of Earth” it seemed that Davies wanted to go into a new dramatic direction.

The franchise had a lot of promise. It was a great companion to Doctor Who. Who knows if there will be another season/series of shows. After “Children of Earth” it seems like it would be hard to recapture the magic that was Torchwood seasons 1 and 2. Perhaps it would be another “Miracle Day” if we saw Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper fighting the good fight again.